Don't look now, but the new edition of the Old Farmer's Almanac is predicting a repeat of last winter's bitter cold and non-stop snow storms for many areas of the northeastern United States. Winter snow and cold are nothing new for us in the Hudson Valley, but even some of the heartiest individuals were saying 'enough is enough' after being blasted by the Winter Vortex of the 2013/14 winter.

Just how accurate are te Almanac's past predictions? Over 80 percent. WABC Eyewitness news reports:

"The Almanac predicts that the Northeast area of the U.S. will receive above average snowfall, though not necessarily in New England, where snowfall should remain normal. In the Atlantic Corridor (Washington, Philadelphia, New York City, Boston), winter will be colder and slightly wetter than normal, with above-normal snowfall. ... Summer will be hotter and drier than normal."