Domino's in Kingston has removed their Facebook response after a former employee, who released the shocking bathroom footage, speaks out exclusively to us.

Scott Whispell posted video to his YouTube account this weekend that appeared to show stacks of pizza dough being stored in the employee bathroom at the Domino's on Broadway in Kingston. In response to the video, the local Domino's location released a statement claiming that Whispell was using the footage as blackmail. That statement was taken down shortly after our interview with the former Domino's employee aired this morning.

You can listen to our exclusive interview with Whispell below where he denies setting up the video and alleges that management was aware the pizza dough was being stored in an employee bathroom and did nothing about it. Whispell claims he took the footage after he returned from a delivery and realized that the dough was still in the bathroom. After he was accused of blackmail, Whispell says he removed the video from YouTube while awaiting a response from Domino's corporate offices.

We reached out to Domino's management but they have still not responded with a comment.