Tim Burton's version of Disney's Dumbo opened in theaters March 29 to an eager audience. One woman may have been a little too eager to see the reimagined tale of the flying elephant back on the big screen.

NBS NY is reporting that a mother and her two kids cut in line in front of an 81 year-old woman at the AMC theater on the Upper West Side back on March 30. The unidentified elderly woman said she just wanted to give the group that cut in front of her a simple reminder on etiquette. She told NBC:

I went like this, just the gentlest, touch, I just went like that to her daughter. Well she… became so violent. I was just like, shocked.

The 81 year-old told NBC she tapped one of the daughters on the shoulder. Then, that's when their mother lost it. NBC says the older woman said she was sorry, but Dumbo mom wasn't having any of it.

That's when the older woman says the other woman grabbed her by the hair and flung her back. Other people jumped in to help, as the line cutting trio took off. Police say  the 81-year-old was taken to the hospital, where she was treated for dizziness, pain and swelling.

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