Look out! Once again, it's another case of never knowing what to expect when traveling  the roads around the Hudson Valley. Or even, in this particular case, within the relative safety a small living community. And that's why they always tell you to look both ways before crossing the street.

Hudson Valley 12 is reporting that a 70 year-old man crashed his vehicle into a building in Dobbs Ferry late Wednesday morning. Officials say the accident happed at the Washington's Headquarters townhouses, right off the Hudson River. There is little information at this time how and why the accident occurred exactly. Hudson Valley 12 says the man was conscious when he was taken to Westchester Medical Center.

A somewhat similar incident happened in Clifton Park in February. According to the Times Union, a woman accidently crashing her vehicle through the front window of the Dolce and Biscotti bakery. Witnesses say the 82 year-old driver from Mechanicville apparently mistook the brakes with the accelerator, and then sent the 2010 BMW 528i right into the middle of the bakery near the cake case.

The Hudson Valley area has seen several accidents like this over the past few years.  In October 2020, a vehicle plowed through the front window of the Drug Mart Pharmacy outside of Monsey in Rockland County. Ramapo police say the crash happened at a shopping center on Airmont Road and Route 59. Another dramatic incident involving a vehicle flying through a structure unfolded back in January 2019. Officials say that a car on the road went airborne, after the driver took a snooze behind the wheel, and then crashed into Kirky's Deli & Pizza in Milton. And in May 2020, two separate accidents occurred in one weekend when vehicles smashed into businesses in both Rhinebeck and Wappingers Falls. Police say both vehicles had jumped the curb, and ended up hitting both businesses.

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