A scary situation unfolded Tuesday when a vehicle plowed into a drug store in Rockland County. The good news is that no was hurt, according to News 12. The bad news? Well, the Drug Mart Pharmacy outside of Monsey is going to have a lot of cleaning up to do.

Ramapo police are saying the crash happened at a shopping center on Airmont Road and Route 59 Tuesday. There is no word exactly how the accident happened, but News 12 is reporting that the car slammed into the store's window. There are few other details as of now on the crash, or the status of the drug store.

How can someone drive into a standing building? It happens more often than you may think. In some cases like this before, the driver might be trying to park and mistakenly hits the accelerator instead of the break. Other times, an out of control vehicle may come off the main road and end up hitting the building. Either way, it has to be terrifying for not only the people inside, but the people in the vehicle as well.

This has happened several times recently, as a matter of fact.

The Rye Brook Police Department says a car crashed into Landsberg Jewelers at the Rye Ridge Shopping Center in mid October. Police say a wild series events transpired, when a woman, who was attempting to park, accelerated instead, then hit a parked car, and then jumped the sidewalk. Police say that sent the car right through the building.

In January 2019, a car went airborne and crashed into Kirky's Deli & Pizza in Milton, destroying the building. Police say the driver had fallen asleep behind the wheel that morning. Kirky's reopened in June 2019.  In May 2020, two separate accidents occurred in one weekend when vehicles smashed into businesses in both Rhinebeck and Wappingers Falls. Police say both vehicles had jumped the curb, and ended up hitting both businesses.

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