June is Men's Health Month, so we tasked Dr. Evan Goldfisher from Premier Medical Group to come up with a checklist of things men can do to keep themselves healthy. Dr. Goldfisher supplied us with eight simple things that can go a long way to helping you live a longer and healthier life. How many of them are you already doing?

A Checklist of 8 Things Every Man Can Do To Live Years Longer

Living a long and healthy life doesn't have to be difficult. According to Dr. Evan Goldfisher of Premier Medical Group, checking off these simple, common sense items on the following list could add years to your life.

8 Uncommon Symptoms You May Not Realize Are Caused By Allergies

Everyone associated sneezing and watery eyes with allergies, but there are actually many complications you could experience thanks to pollen. Dr. Brian Lum from the Functional Healthcare Institute explains that your stomach ache, panic attack or even toe fungus could all be a result of seasonal allergies.