During times of crisis, we tend to hunker down. Americans everywhere were scrambling to the sores in 2020 as COVID-19 spread across the country with frightening speed. This lead to a shortage of many essential supplies such a groceries, toilet paper, sanitizers, and cleaning products. People were buying so much of it in bulk, that retailers couldn't keep up with the increased demand. Everything was shut down, people were stuck home, and there wasn't a whole hell of a lot to do.

So, where exactly does alcohol come in to play in all this? As the pandemic grew, takeout alcohol was now allowed by law in New York, and this helped some restaurants, bars, and other eateries at least have a fighting chance to get by. Breweries and grocery stores began curbside pickup and home deliveries of booze to customers as well. And it is safe to say that alcohol sales spiked both here in the state, and across the nation, especially during the early months of COVID.

But is alcohol really an essential item? If so, how many residents of new York feel it's essential? American Addiction Centers conducted a survey of 3,000 people and found that nearly 1 in 3 (32%) New Yorkers say they deem alcohol an essential purchase during the pandemic. While that's not the majority, it is still a pretty substantial amount. However, though It may seem like alot, consider the national average was 37%, according to the survey. According to the survey, Delaware held the nation's highest score at 50%. As far as our neighbors; Pennsylvania was at 32%, Connecticut 31%, Massachusetts 22%, and New Jersey only 15%.

People are either bored and/or stressed and when that happens, they sometimes reach for a bottle or can of something strong. But while some New Yorkers say they need their booze, a number of others saw it play a part in destroying their relationships. American Addiction Centers reveals in an earlier study that one in five relationships ended in New York in 2020 year over alcohol. This could hold true anytime, but add a pandemic to the equation and the numbers go up. Many Americans have been out of work. Others are working from home, and the close proximity can cause tensions to rise. The survey also found that about 22% of the people questioned admitted they have lied to their significant other over the amount of alcohol they have consumed.

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