This crook has got quite the sweet tooth. The NY Post is reporting that a 32 year-old deliveryman is accused of stealing 1,020 handmade cakes from the Lady M Confections’ Long Island City warehouse in only four months.

This was no small feat considering the cakes go for about 92 dollars a piece, according to the Post. According to the suit filed in Queens civil court, the man, who worked for the bakery for two years, was caught on camera almost two dozen times raiding the warehouse freezers, only to return multiple black bags.

The bags were believed to have been carrying the pricey cakes.

When Lady M received word their cakes were being sold by unauthorized dealers, they knew something was up and launched an investgation.

The now ex-deliveryman plead guilty to petit larceny and will be sentenced September 24. However, his sister told the Post that he was innocent, and that "they just made something up and charged him for it.”

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