How does that saying go? Two things in life are a given, death and taxes. Sadly for those of us who enjoy life and don't get hit with a lot of taxes we probably don't think much about either but this weekend you can spend some time thinking about your eternal plans over drinks.

Whoever came up with this is brilliant. Talking about death and what we want when it comes to a funeral can be, to say the least, an awkward conversation at best. No one likes to discuss their last day and most people don't enjoy hearing you talk about it but the reality is it is a tough conversation we all should have sooner than later.

What exactly is Death Over Drinks at the Hoot Owl in Pine Bush, NY

Hoot Owl Restaurant Via Facebook
Hoot Owl Restaurant Via Facebook

That may be why a night like Death Over Drinks has been created. I hear there is also a Death Over Dinner option as well. So what is it exactly? It is actually a clever way to get people to open up about their last wish in a setting that might feel weird at first but I assume makes it easier to tackle the subject after a drink or two. No word about themed cocktails but I wouldn't rule it out.

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Death Over Drinks at the Hoot Owl Restaurant in Pine Bush, New York will be an evening to explore our relationship with mortality and learn about end-of-life planning. It probably won't surprise you that part of the evening you will hear from an actual Funeral Director. Get Tickets and info by clicking here.

This Sunday, August 6th from 5 PM to 6:30 PM you are invited to the Hoot Owl Restaurant to give some thought to making your final arrangements. Sixth generation Funeral Director Mary Tighe and Micheal Hegg, Founder of Death over Dinner will both be on hand Sunday to help you have a meaningful conversation about your plan.

How to Preplan Your Funeral in New York

If for some reason you can't make it Sunday please take a moment to think about what you might want for your final arrangements, I also strongly suggest you look at AARP's Tips for Planning A Funeral, they have some very go ideas.

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