If you’ve ever listened to me on the air, or if you’ve ever read one of these articles that you’re reading right now, thank you. For doing both. But I digress... if you know me at all, then you know that I love to shop and I especially love to shop in our smaller local stores. Rhinebeck is one of my favorite towns to shop in because there are several stores all within walking distance, and I have found treasures in just about all of them.

There is one particular store that I’ve spent more money in than any other. Maybe not more money than their other customers who are probably in a better spending position than I am, but I can say that I have spent a lot for my budget. They have products that are both beautiful and well-made. I don’t think that I have gone in there and not bought at least a little something.

Yet, there is a woman who works in this store who seems to go out of her way to not be friendly to me. Just the other day, I walked in there with a friend right behind me. She looked at me and did not return my smile (although we were both masked, I could tell). She looked at my friend and loudly said hello. Really? And there have been other times when I greet her and she does not acknowledge me at all. If she is the one checking me out, she will say thank you, but will barely even make eye contact. I’ve tried having friendly conversations with her, but not anymore. She’s just not interested. And this has never happened to me in any other Rhinebeck business.

So, what did I do to deserve this cold shoulder? Beats me. My friend thinks I’m too friendly and too happy, and somehow that irks the lady. Oh well, so be it. Even though I don’t like the way that lady treats me, I’m still thankful for that store. And don’t forget that this Saturday is Small Business Saturday, a perfect day to check out Rhinebeck. Just be careful not to be too friendly.

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