The FCC is warning Hudson Valley residents about a phone scam that could cost you dearly.

The "one ring" scam is targeting different area codes in bursts and has been reported right here in the Hudson Valley this week. If you happen to get a phone call from an unknown number, authorities suggest not calling it back.

Here's why the scam is so dangerous

Phones across New York State have been targeted by robocallers who will dial your number and hang up after a ring or two. They may call repeatedly, hoping you'll call back and run up a toll that is paid to the scammer.

The calls originate from a "222" country code that many people mistake on their caller-ID as an area code. In fact, the calls are coming from West Africa. If you decide to call back the number, you'll be charged a considerable amount of money that will be deposited in the caller's account, much like dialing a 900 number.

The FCC offers these suggestions if you receive one of these scam calls:

  • Do not call back numbers you do not recognize, especially those appearing to originate overseas.
  • File a complaint with the FCC if you received these calls:
  • If you never make international calls, consider talking to your phone company about blocking outbound international calls to prevent accidental toll calls.
  • Check your phone bill for charges you don’t recognize.

Have you received one of these calls in the past few days? Let us know how you dealt with it on our Facebook page or in the comments section below.

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