A unique, warm alcoholic beverage is being made right here in the Hudson Valley.

What exactly is Glogg? The Scandinavian drink is essentially a fortified spiced wine that, when warmed up, is unlike anything you've ever had before. Darren Davidowich from Hetta Glogg tells us the drink is made with port wine, brandy and a host of different spices.

While the drink can be served either chilled or warm, the best way to have your Glogg on a snowy Hudson Valley day is heated. Davidowich explains that the easiest way to warm Hetta Glogg is to pour it in a saucepan and heat the beverage over medium flame until it's hot, but not boiling. Traditionally, Glogg is served in small mugs. You can also add a garnish of an orange slice, almonds or even raisins.

We were served some piping hot Hetta Glogg during the latest Hudson Valley snowstorm and found it to be a great way to forget all about that nasty weather.

You can find bottles of Hetta Glogg at most Hudson Valley liquor stores or at their tasting room at 85 Broadway in the historic Rondout area of Kingston.