If you mention the Dragon Inn to a Saugerties resident, chances are they will be flooded with memories of great Chinese food and great times with friends. In fact, if you mention it to any Ulster County resident, they’ll probably know exactly what and where you’re talking about.

My own experiences with the Dragon Inn were probably in the late 1980s. I was working in Kingston, and I went there with friends a few times after work. It was in an old mansion right on Route 9W in the middle of Saugerties. We would often enjoy a huge drink which I believe was called a Volcano. It came with a couple of straws, and if a couple of people shared it, you had a couple of very drunk people. The memories are pretty good ones, although a bit fuzzy.

In the early 1990s, there was a fire at the Dragon Inn. I wasn’t working in Kingston anymore, but I remember thinking how sad it was. The building was old and beautiful. And full of memories for countless people. And every time I would pass it over the years I couldn’t help but to think that it was such a waste of a stately old building.

Fast forward to now, I was skimming through my emails, and I noticed one from the Kingston Daily Freeman that mentioned that the Dragon Inn has been sold to a Saugerties resident. A long time Saugerties resident who reportedly grew up next to the Dragon Inn. That means she probably appreciates the history and the beauty of the building. That’s good news, indeed.

According to the Daily Freeman, the resident’s name is Nina Schmidbauer, and she plans to renovate the building and use it for an owner occupied building that will also house her psychotherapy business. We wish her the best. It will be so nice to pass that building and once again see it in all its glory.

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