If you're anything like me then you have probably dabbled in watching a few cheesy Christmas movies already.

Netflix, Hallmark and Lifetime have really stepped their game up for the 2018 season. So far, I've watched Christmas with a View on Netflix and it was equally parts cheesy and cute. 10/10 would recommend.

Once Thanksgiving strikes we'll be in for some great new original holiday movies. The set for some of them may seem familiar and there's a reason for that. They were filmed right here in the Hudson Valley.

Last year, the Hallmark Original movie Last Vermont Christmas started filming in Rhinebeck. Earlier this week a trailer was released and while we not sure if the film is supposed to take place in Vermont or the Hudson Valley.

One thing is for sure. You can definitely see Rhinbeck in a few of the shots. The 30 second trailer has one particular scene that makes you think the movie takes place in one of our favorite towns:


Yup, that's Rhinebeck Hardware. Keeps your eyes peeled for some Hudson Valley Easter eggs when Last Vermont Christmas airs on the Hallmark Channel Monday November 19th at 9pm.