Here we are in the first week of November already. Halloween is just a happy memory, and this Sunday we’ll be setting the clocks back. Christmas is less than 2 months away. Do you think it’s too soon to decorate? There was a time that my answer to that question would have been yes. I always thought that we should wait until after Thanksgiving, but I don’t feel that way anymore.

First of all, any store you walk into right now has Christmas displays and decorations. It’s hard not to get excited when I see the cool lights and ornaments. The trees in the store are decorated and all lit up, and I noticed that most shoppers seem a bit happier and more excited, That’s because we have something really fun to look forward to. Pretty lights, family, great food and presents that will light up the kiddo’s faces.

The first time I decorated before Thanksgiving was a few years back when I has company coming for Thanksgiving dinner. I wanted my house to look festive. I’m not even a big holiday decorator, but I put cute holiday touches around my living room, and it felt nice. Not too early. But what about 3 weeks before Thanksgiving, like now? I say go for it.

It gets dark early and it’s nice to ride down the road and see the lights and trees, and wreaths. Even if it does happen to be a really warm spell right now. Love Christmas? Decorate away, inside and out. I’m glad I changed my view on this, I’d much rather enjoy it than be annoyed by it. As for when to take them down? Well, that’s a different story for a different day.

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