A new Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen was jam packed Tuesday as it opened its doors for business. People love chicken, right? Well, if you've been craving one of those famous Popeyes chicken sandwiches, but live in northern Westchester or Putnam Counties and don't feel like making the trip to Poughkeepsie, New Windsor, Kingston, or Middletown, then you might want to read this.

LoHud says the new location is at the Staples Plaza on Crompond Road in Yorktown Heights. Lohud reported that a line of cars stretched all the way around the area, as hungry customers waited at the restaurant's drive thru. Some customers even posted on the new location's Facebook page that they had waited an hour for their food, but said it was well worth the wait. That's dedication.

This could also come in handy for those who commute to the lower part of the Hudson Valley on the Taconic, and need a new pick-up spot for dinner on the way back home. We imagine things will get a little less crazy here in the coming weeks as some of the hype starts to die down so you won't have to wait an hour.

Popeyes is one of the country's fastest growing fast food franchises, and is considered by many to have one of the better chicken sandwiches out there. The chicken sandwich wars have become so hot over the past two years, that one of fast food's biggest corporations, McDonald's, has stepped up their game by announcing three new chicken sandwiches that will arrive in late February. Who shall win the battle?

Popeyes also had announced in late 2020 that they were planning a new location on Route 9 in the Town of Wappingers. We'll have to wait and see how long this will take for a new restaurant to go up. If so, this is sure to be a huge hit for those wanting their delicious chicken and mashed potatoes in southern Dutchess County.

One more thing about Popeyes...while this occurrence here isn't necessarily a reflection on all Popeyes locations, this lucky gentleman even found a joint in his Popeyes order at their West 14th Street location in 2019. Weed and munchies, all in one order.

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