Over the weekend, my boyfriend and I were on a mission. We needed to find a dresser for a small spot in our bedroom. We needed a small dresser with drawers big enough to hold a few pairs of jeans and some t-shirts. We knew that there was an antique store in the northeastern part of Dutchess County that had lots of dressers, and hopefully some petite ones.

So, we headed off on our journey to the antique store, stopping at a few others along the way. When we got to our destination, we weren’t disappointed. Not at first, anyway. We went upstairs to the furniture area, and they had several dressers and at least three or four little ones. One of those dressers was on sale for $80. Perfect! There was another little treasure that caught my eye, too. It’s going to be hard to describe, but it was a flat wooden elephant wearing a green jacket and orange pants and holding balloons. For hanging on a wall. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I really wanted it.

I found the woman who runs the store, told her we wanted the dresser and asked about the ridiculous elephant. It was $26 and she was not budging one bit on the price. I hemmed and hawed, but decided to go for it. We carried the dresser to the car, I had my little elephant, and it was time to pay. Just as I was pulling out my debit card, she said “By the way, we don’t take credit cards. Or debit. Nothing electronic.” And I was floored. I said, “Cash only?” To which she replied “Or a check” A check? Who carries checks anymore? So, my boyfriend and I had enough cash on us for the dresser, but the elephant did not come home with us. Oh well, it wasn’t meant to be.

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Here’s the thing… This store has items that are into the thousands of dollars. Is it realistic to think that someone carries that much cash? I imagine there are a lot of people that have left that store with a lot less than they would have if the store accepted credit or debit. Another lesson learned. If you’re headed out to do some antiquing, bring a checkbook. Or you’ll have to leave the elephant.

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