According to Metro, a cargo ship has been stuck in the Suez Canal for six days now and it may lead to another international toilet paper shortage. The Suez Canal is in Egypt and is part of what is considered one of the most vital international shipping routes in the world.

Tampa Bay 10 says the ship in question is stuck sideways and is blocking the route about 5 miles north of the southern entrance. There is a salvage firm called Boskalis that's been hired to free the cargo ship but their CEO says it may take a few days.

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As for the toilet paper issue, a Brazilian company called Suzano SA is the global leader in wood pulp production. Wood pulp is a vital ingredient in the production of toilet  paper. Slowing the delivery of wood pulp will inevitably lead to a diminished global toilet paper supply.

The cargo ship has it's own website that tracks whether the ship is still stuck and for how long it's been stuck called That is all the site does, really, that is the whole ball game so if you skip looking at it, you are not missing out.

Wood pulp is not the only "raw" product that will impact American consumers. Apparently a ship carrying hundreds of containers of adult toys is also stuck in the traffic jam. According to the report, there are some 230 ships stuck in line but some have begun to re-route in an effort to stop the time bleeding.

Here we go again with the toilet paper! We learned last year that when crisis strikes, we only care about toilet paper and it was ugly. I can't look at another slap fight between two out-of-shape folks in aisle 3, I just can't.

Top that off with this global adult toy shortage and we are looking at a return to angry mobs in America. They said 2021 would be better, I said we should wait and see and no one listened. Be safe out there.

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