David Bowie spent his final days in the Hudson Valley, and now his ashes will be spread over a local area that was very special to him.

The Mirror reports that David Bowie's remains were cremated in a private ceremony soon after his death last Sunday. The ashes will now be scattered at a "secret mountaintop location" that is known to only his closest of friends and family members.

The location, it seems, isn't actually a big secret after all; at least to locals. Bowie, known for his privacy, made a stealth purchase of a mountain top just outside of Woodstock in 2011. Little Tonche Mountain, which is located just above the hamlet of Shokan, was purchased by Bowie for $1.16 million. According to the Daily Telegraph, the 64-acre plot of land is where the singer built a million dollar home and where some sources say the singer's ashes will finally be brought to rest. Over the past few years the mountaintop retreat was kept "secret" from fans and paparazzi as much as anything can hidden in the age of the Internet and TMZ.

Locals, however, are well aware of Bowie's mountaintop home. Although many knew of his address, the rock icon's requests for privacy were mostly honored by his neighbors and fellow Ulster County residents. Bowie was spotted around town but rarely hassled by strangers. And now the hope is that he will continue to get the same respect after his death. With no grave site for fans to visit, it's likely that this peaceful spot that meant so much to Bowie will remain a quiet retreat; the perfect resting place for a man who valued his privacy and solitude.