Police say they arrested a homeless man in New York state Tuesday after he stole a boat and went for a ride out on a major river.

The alleged incident would involve the United States Coast Guard, with the suspect later being charged with one count of grand larceny in the third degree

Boat Theft Statistics 

According to five years of analysis from Boat US, 75% percent of stolen boats are less than 26 feet, with the month of September being the busiest time of year for thefts. Many stolen craft are never recovered.

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Boat US goes on to say that boats are often "stolen, stripped of everything valuable, and left in a vacant lot or by the side of a lonely road". Many times the engines, electronics, and anchors, are taken. and resold to shops and boaters, often through eBay or Craigslist.

Is New York one of the worst states for boat thefts?

While Florida, California, and Texas lead the nation in boat thefts, New York is third for boating accidents, with 174 reported in 2015, according to Property Causality.

Homeless New York State Man Goes For Joyride on the River 

Police say a 46-year-old man was arrested Tuesday after he stole a sailboat and then took it out for a ride on the Oswego River. The Post Standard says that the craft was allegedly stolen from Oswego Marina Tuesday morning.

CNY Central reports that an employee of the marina told Oswego Police he saw the sailboat in the river that was "being operated by a man who was not the owner of the boat."

The man was arrested and charged, and is due back in court in late October, says police.

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