So why would you want to steal a nearly 50 foot yacht when you're already a wanted fugitive? Police say a 56-year-old man stole the $1.2 million dollar yacht from Rouses Point Marina Tuesday, and set sail for the high seas. According to the NY Post, he even sailed the stolen vessel on Lake Champlain from New York to Vermont, attracting the attention of the US Border Patrol. But this suspect claims he had his reasons.

What happened? Well, seems this guy just wanted to "test drive" the Jeanneau Prestige 500, and make some "mechanical fixes". WCAX is reporting that's what the suspect told authorities at a hearing after being arrested off the coast of St. Albans, Vermont. How nice of him to check up on the ship. WCAX goes on to say that the man has a rap sheet that spreads New England, and was already a wanted fugitive in the state of New Hampshire. WCAX reports that this wannabe captain of the ship was very vocal during this hearing with officials, and even went so far as to make an inappropriate gesture at the camera for good measure as he left.

The man is now facing felony charges.

If the case sounds a bit like deja vu, another local would-be pirate allegedly tried to grab a luxury yacht for himself back in late May. A worker at Chelsea Piers said an intruder shoved him aside, jumped aboard the 145-foot vessel Atlantica charter yacht, and then tried sailing up the Hudson. The NY Post said this one-man mutineer had cut the line for the anchor, casing the multi-million dollar yacht to slowly drift away from the dock and out towards the river. Luckily, there was still one line keeping the Atlantica from floating away for good. The Post said that police soon arrived and were told by the sailor and alleged thief that he wanted to set sail to Bellevue Hospital. Police obliged the pajama pants-wearing man and took him straight to his preferred destination, free of charge.

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