You may just get a glimpse of the Blue Angels this morning on your way to work.

The New York City Department of Emergency Management is alerting commuters in the Hudson Valley about a planned flyover by the Blue Angels. The flight demonstration squadron is headed towards New York City and may be seen flying above the Hudson River.

Six jets are expected to be above our area at around 8:45am on Thursday, May 24. The U.S Navy Blue Angel F/A-18 jets will fly up the Hudson River, towards the Tappan Zee Bridge and then turn on a path towards LaGuardia Airport.

It's unclear why the Blue Angels are in our area today. Yesterday they appeared at an airshow in Annapolis, Maryland. Tomorrow the fighter jets will be back in Annapolis for the U.S. Naval Academy graduation. They will be doing a special flyover during the ceremony.

Keith Eisgruber shared this video of the Blue Angels flying over the Hudson Valley this morning.