Burger King is seriously trolling Ronald McDonald this December, and Hudson Valley burger fans are benefiting.

From now until December 12 you can get a Whopper for only one cent, but you'll have to do it at your local McDonald's. You read that right, McDonald's is the place to get a basically free Whopper.

Just drive to your local McDonald's and fire up your Burger King mobile app. If you're located within 600 feet of a McDonald's the app will unlock the one cent deal and allow you to order the Whopper.

Once you've placed your order the app will send you on a "Burger King Detour" and navigate you to the nearest Hudson Valley BK location to pick up your Whopper.  While it may seem like an inconvenience, there are quite a few McDonald's and Burger Kings located within just a few blocks of each other here in the Hudson Valley.

Some of the easiest places to take advantage of this deal are on Route 299 in New Paltz, where McDonald''s and Burger King are literally across the street from each other.  Route 9 in Fishkill also has a McDonald's located in WalMart, less than a mile south of the Burger King on Route 9. There's a McDonalds just a few hundred yards north of Burger King in Kingston, and further south on 9W in Highland the two fast-food giants are also located less than a mile apart.

If you have success getting a one-cent Whopper, we'd love to hear about it. Send us a pic on our free mobile app or post a message on our Facebook page.