A man was arrested early Saturday morning after he allegedly fired gunshots outside his hotel window. But it's the utterly strange and confusing reason he gave authorities why he fired that's really made this a story. The 55-year-old is facing a whole slew of charges at this time, but the man seems convinced he saw something out there that made him reach for his gun. You guess you could say, he wants to believe. 

The Richmond Police Department responded to the call early Saturday, and were able to get everyone out of the hotel and to a safe location. Police say a woman had locked herself in the bathroom that was in the hotel room where the shooting took place. Luckily, officials were able to get her out of danger as well. So, what the hell was going on that night?

The arrested suspect told police he saw something in the parking lot that apparently alarmed him so much, it made him open fire out the window. What was it he claims? Aliens. Perhaps this brave soul was just trying to protect planet Earth from an oncoming invasion? Police did not specify if the extraterrestrial beings had arrived by foot or by craft, or what they could have been really doing hanging out in a hotel parking lot in Kentucky. Maybe this guy is just trying to appear crazy in front of police so a judge will have some leniency on him? Or, perhaps he was just tripping his damn balls off?

There is no word at this time if the intruders got away, or to what part of the galaxy are they heading. The suspect also presumingly did not offer any sort of description of these mysterious beings he shot at.

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