Pedals has returned.

The black bear known for walking upright on its hind legs has been seen again. A video was posted Monday showing the peculiar bear in the vicinity of Oak Ridge, New Jersey.

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According to, the bear was last seen December 21 in West Milford, NJ. Some had feared he wouldn't make it through the winter.

Pedals was first spotted in August 2015. He walks on his two hind legs due to missing part of his front, right leg, and an injured left front paw.

One black bear biologist with the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife said he was probably hit by a car.

Because of his injuries, some have called for Pedals to be sent to the Orphaned Wildlife Center in Otisville. The sanctuary and rehab facility had offered to build a special enclosure, and had raised nearly $28,000 on their GoFundMe page.

However, the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife has said Pedals would do better in his natural habitat. The agency said they would step in if  the bear's condition deteriorates.

According to the latest video, Pedals seems to be doing just fine.