And we thought we were in a Bigfoot sighting shortage. Pshh.

Last week we shared a story from the Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley that included photos of 18-inch footprints. The prints, which were deemed Bigfoot prints, were found in Wingdale in early January.

Word must have gotten out in the Bigfoot world because there has been yet another sighting.

Bigfoot Returns to Greene County

According to Bigfoot Researcher Gayle Beaty, Cario in Greene County is the latest hotbed of Bigfoot activity. Beaty wrote in the Bigfoot Researcher of the Hudson Valley Facebook group:

I got a report from a woman in Cairo New York of a sighting of a Bigfoot on Sunday February 6 behind Dollar General . If anyone has any additional information, please contact me. During the winter months when food is scarce, we get frequent reports from people and businesses of Sasquatch getting into garbage and dumpsters. I have had other reports from Cairo in the past. We will follow up with an investigation, but would like to know who had the sighting as well as the time of the encounter.

Beaty also adds that the back of Dollar General is a haven for Bigfoot. She writes "lots of woods and power lines which we know Bigfoot travel through. They also travel creeks/ rivers and railroad tracks."

No Stranger to Cairo

This isn't the first time Bigfoot has been spotted in Cairo. In June of 2020, 2 hikers allegedly heard Bigfoot grunt at them. They also came across Bigfoot dens set up along the ridgeline.

In 2019, New York was ranked #5 in Bigfoot sightings. With all the possible Bigfoot encounters we've had recently, I'd say we deserve the #2 spot at least.

Bigfoot definitely has left its mark, or footprints, in and around the Hudson Valley. Have you ever had a Bigfoot experience? We'd love to hear about it!

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