What if the “Hamburglar” turned out to be your own brother … Plot twist I know!

 Pittsburgh’s Action 4 News reports 47-year-old Thomas Veres came home after midnight on Wednesday and became irate once he discovered his older brother had eaten three Big Macs and didn’t save anything for him. How dare he!

State Police say Thomas than began to trash the home that the brothers share, knocking over furniture and appliances and throwing food. Thomas, still possibly craving McDonald’s delicious special sauce, then turned his anger towards his likely stuffed brother Matthew Veres, 58. The younger brother reportedly punched his older brother in the face multiple times.

Police say Matthew Veres suffered cuts to both ears and multiple bruises to his right eye and left cheek.

Police charged Thomas Veres with simple assault and harassment. He spent the night in Washington County Jail, where there were likely also no Big Macs.