Last year tragedy struck a local landmark, but now a beloved bar and restaurant are poised to make a big comeback.

In June, a freak accident completely destroyed Junior's Lounge. The Poughkeepsie pub was struck by a tractor-trailer that plowed right into the structure on Salt Point Road. The crash left the driver dead and turned the former restaurant into a pile of rubble.

Long-time customers and neighbors rallied around the Rossi family, who vowed to rebuild their family business. A "Bands BBQ & Brews" fundraiser was held to benefit the bartenders and servers who suddenly found themselves without a job. Almost $60,000 in donations was raised.


It now appears that the Rossi family is one step closer to making their dream of reopening Junior's Lounge a reality. 4K's Real Estate has submitted approval on behalf of the Rossi family to transform a former hair salon into the "future home of Junior's Bar/Tavern."

Plans call for the transformation of 1126 Dutchess Turnpike, which was the home of CPM Studio Hair Salon and Boutique before it relocated to 1613 Main Street in Pleasant Valley. The 1,600-square-foot building once housed Mackey’s Pub, so there is a history of the property being used as a bar.

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The Town of Poughkeepsie Planning Board is scheduled to review the site plan on Thursday night. Extensive paperwork and blueprints have been submitted to the Town with renderings of the proposed site. Those who can't help but remember the tragedy that happened to the original Junior's Lounge may be taken aback after viewing one of the diagrams that unfortunately uses a tractor-trailer as a size comparison to the new building. It's unclear why a truck was used, but it appears to be an unfortunate coincidence.

Town of Poughkeepsie
Town of Poughkeepsie

The site of the new Junior's isn't very far from the old location on Salt Point Turnpike, so it's expected that customers who loved the former bar will have no problem lining up to check out the new place if the site plan is eventually approved.

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