Think the Hudson Valley and New York has too many lockdown restrictions? Some places are even more hardline about it. In fact, this very strict approach may cost beer lovers dearly.

NBC is reporting that South African Breweries may have to destroy over 400 million excess bottles of beer. Why? The country is one of the few around the world where sales of alcohol have been banned amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

South African Breweries tells eNCA that they're seeking special government permission to move the 130 million liters into a storage facility. If not, the beer all has to go. Many feel the ban is harsh, though some South African health officials defend it. One official feels booze is a big factor to violent crime and road accidents, and banning its sale has reduced extra pressure on medical services.

Have you found yourself drinking more since the "pause"? If so, what's your go to?  If you miss some of your favorite breweries here across New York, then you may, or may not, want to read this. Hey, at least many of the beer spots around here are either doing curbside or delivery.

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