A New York water equipment company created one of the most incredible commercials of the '80s that you've probably never seen.

The Beacon Water Equipment Company posted this "lost gem" on their Facebook page back in 2011. Sadly, the company only has 43 likes so this incredible video has been kept pretty much secret until now.

Based in Binghamton, Beacon Water services commercial and residential water systems. Sure, it's a pretty lame, but necessary service. Well, we're betting that you're going to think differently about water filters after seeing this totally rad commercial.

The ad features an exuberant dancer getting pumped up to the sounds of "Some Like it Hot" by The Power Station. And just when his dancing can't get any more manic, he's thrown a refreshing bottle of water to cool himself off with. The man then quickly gets right back to dancing along to Robert Palmer as the tagline "Enjoy Water Again" flashed across the screen. While we've never stopped enjoying water, it's pretty certain that we're going to enjoy it even more after watching this ad.

Just a side note, we have our suspicions as to whether this commercial was really from the 1980s or if it was just filmed to look that way. Conspiracy theorists may want to look at the modern-looking fonts that are used. Also, it's not very likely that a commercial using copyrighted music by The Power Station would have aired, even on local television, without raising red flags from lawyers. But please, don't let any of that ruin the enjoyment of this masterpiece for you. It certainly hasn't for us.