Recently, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation helped rehabilitate  two injured bald eagles. Bald eagles are some of the most recognizable and majestic birds in the world, though they were only removed from the endangered species list as recenlty as 2007.

Bald Eagle Numbers in New York State 

At one time, bald eagles were almost nonexistent in the state of New York. Park rangers told CBS that they have worked hard over the past 20 years to bring the bald eagle population back to New York. Such factors as pollution, pesticides like DDT, and human intervention drove their numbers almost to zero

CBS says that in the 1970s, the bald eagle population may have been as low as just two in the entire state. But with huge efforts from environmental officials and other wildlife organizations, there are now close to 1,000, and they're no longer considered endangered in the state.

New York State DEC Helps Rehabilitate Bald Eagles

The New York State DEC shared a post on their Facebook page, saying that their staff cared for two bald eagles at Messinger Woods Wildlife Care and Education Center in Holland, NY.

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The DEC says that both adult eagles came to the center this year with injuries that required rehabilitation.

The DEC said they banded both eagles. They go on to describe the importance of banding, as it "allows biologists to gain valuable information about their survival and dispersal once they are released back into the wild."

The DEC says that each eagle received two bands: a silver federal U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service band with a unique 9-digit number and a NY State color band with a unique alphanumeric code. The bands are made of aluminum, are lightweight, and do not harm the birds or adversely affect their behavior.

The DEC says the birds were released back into the wild.

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