What if you had the chance to live on one of the most beautiful sites in the Hudson Valley? In an historically significant and lovely house? You’d probably jump at the chance, right? Well, it’s a dream that can come true if you’ve got 1.5 million dollars. It sounds pretty steep, but well worth it if you’ve got the money.

The house is the Harvey Fite House and it sits right at Opus 40 in Saugerties. If you’re not familiar with Opus 40, let me fill you in. Opus 40 is a huge environmental stone sculpture built by one man, artist and quarryman Harvey Fite. It was an ongoing project for 37 years, but sadly Fite died in 1976 from a fall while he was working on the sculpture. The sculpture has been open to the public for many years, and if you’ve never been, you’re missing out on something amazing.

I’ve been to a couple of concerts at Opus 40. It’s hard to believe one man did it all by himself, but it’s true. And the house that has gone up for sale is the Harvey Fite House. I remember seeing the house and thinking it must be awesome on the inside, and the views of Opus 40 have to be unbeatable. Now the house is for sale, and here are a few of the pictures.

Artist’s Historic House at Stunning Ulster Landmark for Sale

The Harvey Fite House at Opus 40

I didn’t hear this myself, but a friend told me they heard that Opus 40 and Bard College are thinking of joining forces to buy the house. I feel that they would most probably keep the integrity of the home, and that’s cool. But if you had your heart set on it and you’ve got a couple of million bucks to spare, you better act quick. I mean, how long can a cool opportunity like this last?

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