Which does the Hudson Valley prefer: artificial or real Christmas trees?

As a kid growing up, my family always had real Christmas trees in our home. We would go and cut them down or sometimes just get one from one of the vendors on the side of the road throughout the area. As I got older and eventually got a place of my own, I went the artificial, pre-lit tree route which I pretty much have continued with to this day.

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The Hudson Valley Loves Fake Christmas Trees

We polled the Hudson Valley which they prefer, artificial or real Christmas trees, and the results are in. It was pretty much mixed with those preferring the convenience of an artificial tree over a real tree by a small margin with 59% of the votes. Although artificial Christmas trees took most of the votes, one can't deny that many have a love for real Christmas trees.

If you haven't gotten a tree yet, and plan to, there are many great tree farms throughout the Hudson Valley that you can visit to get your perfect, real tree. Check out 10 Great Hudson Valley Christmas Tree Farms.

When we asked the Hudson Valley about their choice of an artificial or real Christmas tree during the holidays, some said not only for convenience that they prefer a fake tree, but also no mess with having to deal with needles to family members dealing with allergy issues. Check out listener-submitted Christmas trees from around the Hudson Valley and see if you can spot which are fake and which are real.

Artificial and Real Christmas Trees of the Hudson Valley

Radio listener submitted Christmas Trees from Around the Hudson Valley