A frightening incident transpired early Monday morning, as State Police say a New York state man set a vehicle on fire while another person was still inside. Offcials say the same suspect would also attempt to set a building on fire in the same area that morning.

Details from New York State Police are scarce at the moment, and it is not known yet what the suspect's motivation was. State Police says the man from Dexter, NY is now facing multiple felony charges, including 2nd degree arson.

Potential Penalties For Arson in New York State 

According to The Law Offices of Stephen A. Bilkis & Associates, if you start a fire or explosion that damages a building or car in and you know that someone is in the building or vehicle, you will be charged with arson in the second degree, which is a class B felony.

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Conviction for arson in the second or first degree will get you "some prison time" in New York state, according to the law firm's website.

New York State Man Allegedly Set Vehicle On Fire While Person Was Inside 

New York State Police said in a press release that they responded to a reported fire in the Jefferson County village of Dexter Monday morning.

State Police said an investigation determined the 55-year-old man approached the back of an occupied parked vehicle and threw a flammable substance on it. The suspect then set the vehicle on fire, says offcials.

Luckily, the victim was able to escape from the vehicle and suffered no injuries. State Police did not say if the suspect and victim know each other.

State Police say the suspect fled on foot to the Dexter Market and poured a flammable substance on items against the building and set them on fire.

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The man was arrested for 2nd degree arson and other felonies, and is being held at the county correctional facility on bond.

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NEVER attempt to apprehend a fugitive yourself. If you have information on the location of any of these fugitives, you can contact OSI 24 hours a day / 7 days a week to report it. All leads and tips are treated as confidential information.

If an immediate response is necessary, such as you see the wanted person at a location, please call “911” and report it to the police.

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