An argument over the name of an imaginary presidential candidate has lead to the death of a Syracuse man, in one of the strangest and most pointless killings that we've heard in a while.

You may remember 'Deex Nutz'. The write-in third party candidate made news in 2015 when he surprisingly showed up in a North Carolina polling survey scoring nine percent of the votes.

As it turns out, the prank was all the idea of some 15 year-old kid from Iowa.

Now, a 32 year-old New York state man has been found guilty after a July 2015 fight over the somewhat inappropriate slang term lead to the death of a roommate. reports that Joshua Williams was found guilty on August 18 of the murder of A'Nickalus Hill.

Williams told police he had been repeatedly using the term Deez Nutz after hearing about it on the internet in 2015. Roommate A'Nickalus Hill took exception, as he didn't like the term being used around his girlfriend's three year old daughter.

Hill complained to someone else about his roomie's lack of candor. Word got back to Williams, who didn't like being ratted out. Prosecutors then say Williams returned to the house and got Hill out of bed.

A fight ensued, that soon spilled out into the living room. That's where Williams shot and killed Hill.

All over a term that's actually been around music and entertainment for over twenty five years.

Williams had an accomplice in the murder named Henry E. Shelton. He stands trial next month according to