As I sit here in my home with my children, I wonder if there are parents out there who are actually keeping their children on an actual schedule.

With life being turned upside down and 90 percent of us home with kids trying our best to keep them occupied, it's hard to keep things orderly, especially with everything going on.

I feel like, at this point, schedules are out the window. I'm making my kids do school work, so they keep their minds fresh, but by no means am I enforcing a certain time to do it.

While I don't want my kids spending all their time on phones and tablets, the limits on screen time have been modified while we're in this situation.  Screen time actually came in handy yesterday, as my daughter used Facetime to do math homework with a friend.

We're adapting to this new way of things, and we don't know when things will return to normal or what that normal will be. So throw that schedule out the window, and live in the moment.

If you're able to maintain a consistent schedule for your kids during this ordeal, kudos to you. As for me, the kids will be sleeping in, staying up later than the usual, and having a blast.



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