We've heard for yeas that New Yorkers are unhappy with the condition of the state. Some have chosen to move to other states, mainly in the South or out west. But a new poll asked New Yorkers if they could see themselves still being here in five years. According to the results, there might not be as many dissatisfied residents as you may think.

But what the new survey also found, was that residents' happiness may depend on location.

Many studies still show that New York remains one of the country's highest states for outbound moves. A 2022 United Van Lines National Movers study showed that NY was third in the country for people moving, with include retirement, lifestyle change and cost of living, as posted by FOX.


Are New Yorkers Happy With the State? 

The Siena College Research Institute near Albany asked was released Wednesday, and the results posted by the Post Standard. According to the results, 71% of New Yorkers said they expected to be living in New York five years, while 27% said they want out. Overall, Sienna's results state that 70 percent of people in the state like it here, while the other 30 percent don't.

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Could where you live within the state be affecting the score? The survey found that the residents polled who gave the best scores came from either New York City, or the surrounding suburbs. New York’s lowest ratings came from those in Upstate New York, according to Siena.

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So, how many born in the Empire State now reside in NYC's most southern "suburb?" The latest Census numbers, posted at WPTV, say that 1.6 million Floridians were born in New York. The figure makes up 8% of the state's population, which is currently 21.9 million (third in the country, right ahead of NY).

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