Anyone who's cracked their iPhone screen in the Hudson Valley will rejoice at this week's news.

The closest Apple store to the Hudson Valley is in Danbury, CT. For iPhone users who need their cracked screen fixed, having to schedule a day trip to Connecticut is, quite frankly, a pain in the butt. The only other option for Apple customers is to ship the phone back to the company and wait two weeks for its return, something that's just out of the question.

I had the unfortunate luck to drop my iPhone last year. After taking a trip to a local "authorized dealer" I was told the phone would have to be mailed back to the company. The thought of living without my phone for two weeks was a non-starter, so I opted to drop it off at an unauthorized local repair shop. While the work was done quickly and the iPhone was fully functional, it was obvious the screen was not an Apple screen, leaving tons of fingerprints and making the phone feel much heavier. Plus, the warranty was now voided, so if any other major problems popped up with my phone I was simply out of luck.

Now Hudson Valley iPhone users won't have to suffer any longer.

This week Apple announced that it was going to make their proprietary iPhone repair machines available throughout the country. The Verge reports that Best Buy will be the first chain of stores to receive the "Horizon" machines. The equipment will allow stores to repair a broken iPhone screen, fingerprint scanner or correct other hardware issues on site.

The machines will let the stores fix iPhones, while still keeping them in compliance of their warranty. This is great news for Hudson Valley customers who live far from Apple's corporate stores.

The machines should be installed by the end of the year. Best Buy stores in Poughkeepsie, Kingston and Middletown are expected to receive the equipment. Until then, hold on tight to your iPhones.

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