Surprise, surprise, surprise. Well, maybe not! Flashy the Sign has informed me of yet another delay for the Route 199 bridge closure in Milan.


On my way to work this morning, I took my chances and, as you can see by the photo, traffic was clear to pass and the bridge was open for business. On the way home, I again decided to take the risk. This time I was praying to sweet baby Jesus that it would be clear sailing. After all, if I had to take a 12-mile detour and drive 20 minutes out of my way after a 14-hour day... oh, you do not want to know who I kill. But alas, no one died today, at least not by my hand.

So that's the lesson of the day: we have yet another delay in the Route 199 bridge replacement project. According to my friend, Flashy the Sign we now have an expected start date of May 2, finish date of Aug. 11.

So lets count this together, that's one, two, three, four--four times there has been a delay (whoahahaha). Now let's pause for an educational moment.

Perfect. Now you can go back to your routine and back to your daily commute. Be sure to keep checking back for more updates on this supposed "bridge closure."