When you think of a barge, you usually don't think of a cool place to learn, until now. Coming right to the Hudson Valley via the Hudson River is the Corning Museum of Glass GlassBarge. 

The voyage will start in Brooklyn, where the Corning Glass company began before moving to Corning. It will move to Yonkers, Kingston, Albany, and parts of Western New York. The trip starts in May 2018 and will take 4 months to complete. The barge will feature their famous glass blowing demonstrations at each port city right on deck.

The Corning Museum of Glass was started by Corning Glass Works (now Corning Incorporated). The museum is known for a bunch of things, but mainly CorningWare and the glass used on iPhones. One of the biggest attractions at the museum is their live glass blowing demonstrations.

If you can't make it to the barge, you can see demos at the museum, on Celebrity Cruise ships, or at their traveling hot shop.