I know that to you I’m just an older hippie-ish looking woman with a flip phone. I’m sure there are a million places you’d rather be than sitting in an empty store helping me. That’s probably why you decided it would be easier just to not help me. But guess what… you’re getting paid to practically do nothing but sit there right now, so you could at least pretend that you want to help.

I hate to accuse you of being rude, but you were. When I was trying to tell you what was wrong with my phone, you told me to hold on at least 3 times. Hold on? I’m not on a phone call with you. And why did I have to hold on? You just kept looking down at something that I couldn’t see. If you were too busy to help me, you should have told me that you’d be with me in a minute. I’d gladly wait a few minutes to get your undivided attention. 

Not only were you rude, you were so dismissive. You told me that you don’t know anything about flip phones, so oh well. But this is where I bought the phone. Maybe you could try to find out what the problem is, or even try to sell me another phone. Nope, you reset my phone and said if that doesn’t work there was nothing you could do. That’s it? No advice, not even an ‘I’m sorry I can’t help you with this’. When I asked you if I should go to another store, you shrugged and said maybe.

Well, your resetting of my phone didn't work, and you bet I’ll go to another store. As for you, I’m sure you don’t think this flip phone carrying crazy hippie lady is worthy of your smile, courtesy, or kind words. But I’ve got a few unkind words of my own and a place to publish them. Good day.

UPDATE: I went to the Millbrook branch of the cell phone store, and Vincent was so helpful, attentive, and non-judgemental that it totally made up for the rude dismissive kid. Thanks, Vincent!

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