It's been a while since I went hiking in the Hudson Valley so I got some refresher lessons. I'm not a hardcore hiker, to begin with, I'm just getting back into it. So don't make fun of me too much!

1. I am not good at hiking. 
I think this one was the quickest thing I learned because oh man was I out of breath. I work out 6 days a week, with intense cardio, and I was still sucking wind going up Mt. Beacon.

2. Going down is much easier, but a lot rougher on the feet. 
For people with proper hiking shoes, this probably doesn't apply. But as someone who wears those toe sneakers (you know, the ones with all the toes separated), it was a lot rougher going down than up. I also made the critical error of wearing the run model instead of the hiking model.

3. If you wear the wrong shoes, you will fall. 
I know from experience. I slipped twice because my shoes didn't have good enough grip. I have excellent balance so it was definitely the shoes.

4. The view is totally worth the climb
I'll admit it, there was a point where I was ready to turn around because I was exhausted. But once I got to the top, I realized the sights were worth all the work.

5. Snacks are essential. 
In one of my many breaks up the mountain, I was thrilled that I had some snacks with me. I don't mean chips and salsa, I mean some serious protein. I had a Complete Cookie and mixed nuts. Life-saving

6. Water is even more essential than snacks
I mean this one, everyone I saw on the trail was chugging water. I went through about 4 bottles on my own. It was also very hot. STAY HYDRATED!

7. I don't take advantage of all the amazing hiking in the Hudson Valley nearly enough. 
We live in a beautiful region, there's no question about it. So after I hiked Mt. Beacon I realized, "Wow, I need to do this more."

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