David Arquette is living in the Hudson Valley while filming a new movie. He dropped by to tell us what he's been doing now that he's a temporary Hudson Valley resident.

Acting is pretty hard work. Especially when it's 100 degrees out and you're wearing several layers of wool. Arquette plays a New York State Trooper in a film called Apalachin. During a heat wave that lasted through the first week of September, the wool-encased actor spent several hours a day sitting in a hot antique police car filming scenes without the luxury of air conditioning.

Now that the weather is cooler, Arquette has found himself with lots of extra time on his hands. Most of his scenes are all filmed and now he says he's spending most of his time just exploring the Hudson Valley area while waiting to get called on set.

The actor says that he's had to grab quick meals at Arby's on Route 17K in Newburgh while working his busy shooting schedule, but now he's expanded his horizons, hitting hot spots like the Alexis Diner, the Newburgh Waterfront and even the Renaissance Faire in Tuxedo.

The actor spoke to us about some of the Hudson Valley places he's been and the funny interactions he's had with local Hresidents. And actually, there may be way more than seven places where you can spot David Arquette over the next few weeks. See if you can catch all of them in our exclusive interview:

Of course, one place we know for certain where Arquette will turn up is the wrestling ring this Friday night. That's right, Arquette is making his Hudson Valley wrestling debut on September 14:

If you want tickets and more information on how to catch Arquette's wrestling match, check out all of the information right here.