The annual Hudson Valley stink bug invasion has begun. But don't despair, we found seven new things you can try to get rid of them this year.

Back in 2014 we posted a list of five ways to get rid of stink bugs. Some of you have reported success in keeping those annoying insects out of your home, while others have remained frustrated every year as the stink bug population continues to grow.

This year we have seven more things you can try that stink bug experts (yes, there apparently are stink bug experts) swear will work.

Kill some bugs outside your front door
Experts say the disgusting smell of a freshly killed stink bug will actually serve as a warning to other bugs to stay away. We've heard tbefore that the smell of a stink bug actually attracts other bugs, but apparently the opposite is true.

Put a wet towel outside your door
A damp towel is the perfect spot for a stink bug to hang out. For some reason they're attracted to the wet cloth and will gather there in big groups. Just dispose of the bugs each morning and you'll stop them from coming in your home.

Sprinkle cat nip around your house
Some experts say that catnip is a natural repellent for stink bugs. By sprinkling catnip around your house you'll form a barrier that those bugs won't want to cross.

Drop stink bugs in soapy water
Keep a jar of soapy water handy and brush any bug you see into the solution. It'll coat them with soap and kill them quickly and effectively

Make a stink bug trap
The designer behind this simple trap says you can collect over 100 bugs in a single day. All you need is a soda bottle, and a little spare time to put the whole thing together.

Make a spray with garlic or mint water
Two other natural repellents that experts claim will keep away stink bugs are fresh mint and garlic.  Just mash up the ingredients in a spray bottle, add water and coat the outside of your windows, doors and other areas where the bugs may decide to enter your home.

Put a bat house in your yard
Bats are known to eat stink bugs, as well as mosquitoes and other unwanted pests. Putting a simple bat house in your yard will encourage those insect eaters to stick around and help rid your home of unwanted visitors.

Do you have a fool-proof method for keeping away stink bugs? Let us know what you do to keep your home bug free in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.