Guess this what they mean by "back to school"?

The NY Post says a 45 year-old Brooklyn man checked himself into Mount Sinai Hospital after a hazing incident went a little too far. What makes this story so bizarre is that the man, who is a father of two teenagers, had pledged to what appears to be a college fraternity.

The Post says the incident happened on December 7, when the man was drinking at a frat apartment in Bedford-Stuyvesant, when the Omega Psi Phi brothers allegedly blindfolded him and told him to bend over.

The Post says they proceeded to spank him with a wooden paddle, and even their own hands (umm?), over 200 times. That's going to leave quite a mark. The 45 year old later told police the brutal spanking was a hazing ritual.

The man's neighbors have been left stunned and confused. Some wondered why he'd want to hang out with a bunch of guys over 20 years younger, and pledge to a fraternity so late in life. Maybe it was nostalgia? Or maybe he'd seen Old School too many times?

These frat brothers can't be much older than his own kids?

EDIT: Apologies, we had originally misspelled "frat" as "fart".

Police say the apartment where the alleged elder abuse took place was empty and boarded up when they arrived a week later to investigate. Authorities are not sure if this chapter of Omega Psi Phi was even affiliated with one particular college.

Police say neither reps from the fraternity not the victim have responded to their phone calls.