A night of fun took a bizarre turn recently at the Five1Eight club in Plattsburgh, NY.

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The Press Republican is reporting that a 22 year-old woman named Kierah Lagrave is facing felony charges after allegedly choking out a bouncer October 20. Now aren't bouncers the ones who are supposed to be doing the punching and choking? Not in this case.

Surveillance footage shows the mere 125 pound Lagrave, who apparently has a future in MMA, putting the club employee in a chokehold until he drops to the floor. From there you can see the woman casually getting up and walking away like absolutely nothing happened.

The reason for all this? The woman, who the NY Post says is also an employee of the club, claims the man grabbed her butt. However, there is apparently more footage that Plattsburgh City Police Chief Levi Ritter has seen, and he has a very different story.

"The surveillance video clearly shows that Lagrave's friend slapped her on the buttocks” before the incident occurred"

Ritter says it was Lagrave's female friend near the bar who playfully slapped her behind, not the bouncer.

Somehow, the club bouncer ended up getting blamed for all this and thus ended up taking a trip to dreamland. The man does seem to quickly recover, as other people in the club came to check on him.

Lagrave is now facing facing a felony charge of second-degree strangulation. From the looks of her mugshot, Lagrave and her weird looking eyebrows don't seem to care.

If an incident concerning an individual wrongfully accusing someone of grabbing their butt sounds familiar, you may remember this. In October, a woman at a Brooklyn bodega caused a ruckus after she wrongfully accused a 9 year-old boy of grabbing her backside. While the footage shows the boy accidenlty brushing her with his backpack in the crowed store, there appears to be no fondling of any kind.