A woman at a bodega in Brooklyn is claiming that someone grabbed her buttocks as she awaited her order. The thing is, the person she is accusing is only 9 years old, and now some locals are absolutely furious.

The NY Post is reporting that the Flatbush woman began screaming for police after she claims the child touched her butt while at the Sahara Deli. 

The confrontation reportedly brought the small boy to tears.

A crowd can be seen confronting the woman, telling her to just leave. Another woman even gets into to her face as the two almost came to blows, according to the Post. 

One witness can even be heard saying:

Nobody wants to touch your flat ass!!!

One of the issues that's made the video go viral so fast is the fact that the accuser is white, and the child is African-American. Another patron at the deli got video of the whole confrontation and posted it online. As of Friday evening, the video already has six million views. 

This security camera footage shows that the child may have accidentally brushed up against her in the small deli, but any claims of intentional fondling seem to be false.

Some have already dubbed her Corner Store Caroline, a reference to Barbecue Becky...the white California woman who called the police on a group of African-Americans who were having a cookout in an Oakland park in April 2018.