It was a scene that would make your skin crawl. NBC is reporting that a United international flight from Venice to Newark was infested with ants. Normally, you worry about in flight turbulence or maybe even an unruly passenger when flying. But ants at over thirty thousand feet?

Some passengers took to social media to share their experience, as the ants were said to have been crawling all over seats, windows, luggage compartments, and even on the passengers themselves.

A United spokesperson said:

We have been in contact with the crew and they have advised the ants have been isolated from a customer’s bag and the affected areas have been wiped down.

United says the ants were confined to one particular passenger's bag area, though other passengers and even flight crew said the pests made it all the way to first class.

NBC says the flight landed at around 2 p.m. Monday afternoon without much incident. That is, If you don't count the creeped out passengers.

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