The Metro-North accident hit close to home to many of us who live in the Hudson Valley.  Taking the train is one of the fastest, convenient and cheapest ways to commute to New York City.  How has this recent accident affected the way you'll travel in the future?

Here are a few reactions from our Facebook page:

Charles Cullen still feel it is the safest and most practical way into NYC

John Bradley Loperena The Taconic Parkway is more dangerous than the trains. I am sure more people are killed or injured in a year between 84 and Bryant Pond Road.

Jessica Shepherd No it doesn't change a thing. You could die taking a walk down the street and tripping the wrong way. How can one enjoy life being so fearful of everything?

Stephen Corleone I live in California now, but I took that train for nearly 20 years.....without incident. Far better than driving. I took that very train to Beacon every holiday. I could have been on this train if I still lived there.

Lisa Harrington I would if I had to, but I have a 3yr old grandson who love's to watch the trains go by from the Cold Spring station. Might have to think twice about taking him on the train.

So what do you think?  Let us know in the comments section below.