The Boris & Robyn Show interviewed Kara McConologue, the waitress who received a professional camera as a tip for outstanding service and had one more surprise for her.

By now you've probably seen the heartwarming video of Kara, who was presented with the tip of a lifetime. Kara is an aspiring photographer working at Buffalo Wild Wings in Wappingers Falls. After receiving a brand new camera for her great service, video of her surprise has gone viral, reaching over 30,000 viewers in just one day.

Kara tells WPDH that since the video exploded online she has become a celebrity at the restaurant where she works. Customers point her out and recognize her as the "girl from the video." Kara has been contacted by people from all over the world, as far away as Australia,saying that they have been touched and inspired by her story.

WPDH was so impressed with Kara's story that we decided to give her a little surprise of our own. Watch below:

And here is the full interview with Kara and Chris, the customer who started it all: